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Saed Hamid

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Discover an incredible way to reach customers....

Let's face it – newspaper, billboards, TV and radio are not the media they once were.
They don’t always yield the results you want. Your target customers will more than likely…

Throw away your newspaper ad before the day is over...Whizz past your billboard on the highway...Fast-forward through your TV commercial...Change the station just as your radio ad airs...Miss your internet ad among spam and annoying pop-ups...

What if you could guarantee your ad will be in front of people? What if you could even
guarantee that people will spend a long time looking at your ad? DigitalAd can!

Our Digital Network Strategically placed where your customers are....

DigitalAd succeeds at helping you reach new and existing customers. Our method works because we strategically place our HD flat-screens in hotel lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops, service centers and other high-traffic areas that generate captive audiences for an extended period of time.

The host locations we approve typically receive 200-300 visitors per day. Multiply that exposure times the growing number of screens in our digital network and it’s clear – thousands of people will see your ad every day.





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